The Swan


‘It seems to be at the end of all things. The miles of road that one has travelled apparently  have been leading nowhere but the Swan.’
- EV Lucas, biographer of essayist and poet, Charles Lamb

The Swan dates back to the late 14th century and has been welcoming guests from all walks of life ever since. Today it is a family-run pub offering fine food and drink in a relaxing atmosphere.

In days gone by, The Swan was a favourite among Victorian artists, many of whom left paintings of the local area, now displayed on the walls of the pub, in lieu of food and a bed for the night.

Composer Edward Elgar was a frequent visitor during the years he spent living nearby, as was Sir Hubert Parry who wrote the words to A Song to the River in one of the visitors’ books.

The Ancient Order of Froth Blowers, whose motto was Lubrication in Moderation, was founded here in 1924.